Time & Location
  • 11300 N. Council Rd.
    OKC, OK 73162

Time & Location

We are currently gathering in-person each Sunday at 10:15. Masks are available as you enter our building, but are not required. For those who are worshipping from home on Sunday mornings, we have a livestream of our service available on our Grace Harbor News & Happenings Facebook Group

Our conviction is that the Sunday morning gathering is foundational in the life of God’s people. There is certainly more to the church and the christian life than what happens on Sunday mornings at a physical address, but the physical gathering cannot be separated from the life of a christian. It is in this time and space where Christ is exalted and His presence is with us as we welcome one another, sing, preach, and practice weekly communion. We believe that it is God’s Word that births, shapes, and sends the people of God to live on mission for Him. We have a place for you and your family to gather with us this Sunday!

Service Time & Location

We gather each Sunday from about 10:15-11:30 at 11300 N. Council Rd in Oklahoma City.
We provide classes for children from 0-7yrs.