Covenant Membership Class
  • 11300 N. Council Rd
    OKC, OK 73162

  • Grace Harbor Church

Covenant Membership Class

We’re excited to have you consider Grace Harbor Church as the place you want to belong. Our Covenant Membership Class is the place to go to hear about what we believe about God, and what God is doing at Grace Harbor. Dinner and childcare will be provided. 

If you are interested in attending this scheduled class or have any questions about what it might look like to pursue Covenant Membership, we would love to talk with you!

What does the covenant membership process look like at Grace Harbor Church?

  1. An initial meeting with a pastor at Grace Harbor Church prior to attending a Covenant Membership Class. This may take place in a variety of ways(i.e. at a dinner table or over coffee). The goal in this is for a relational connection within Grace Harbor Church.
  2. Attend a Grace Harbor Covenant Member Meeting(held every three months).
  3. Following attendance at a Covenant Membership Meeting, schedule a meeting with a Grace Harbor Pastor within 30 days. This meeting will allow you to share your personal testimony of salvation and baptism, as well as allow us to hear that you have the ability to communicate a basic understanding of the Gospel. This meeting will also allow us to answer any questions you may have.
  4. Turn in a signed copy of the membership covenant to communicate your desire and understanding of becoming a member of Grace Harbor Church.
  5. Following this 30 day period, Grace Harbor will take time in a Sunday Gathering to recognize new members. We refer to this as “Family Sunday”. 
  6. An annual membership “check-in” with a Grace Harbor Pastor or leader. This allows for a formal opportunity to give feedback and encouragement in areas of membership and ministry.


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