Grace Harbor Launch Recap!

Grace Harbor Launch Recap!

Grace Harbor Launch Day was everything we prayed for and more! There was an amazing presence of the Lord in our gathering that we will relish for days and years ahead. Here are some of our favorite moments:

It was so good to have people among us worshipping our King together. What a privilege to serve and gather with the people of God. At Grace Harbor, we seek to be a place where ALL people are welcome and feel at home. Yesterday was a great day to meet and connect with people.


What a unique opportunity to experience the grace of God through new physical life. Also a blessing is the joy brought to families with the arrival of a baby and the opportunity for a renewed commitment to the Lord as a family. We also committed as a church to be an example and support to these children and their parents.

Baptism is a beautiful picture of what Christ has accomplished in the hearts of his people. It is a testimony of the overwhelming Grace and redemption into people who are hopeless without Him. There’s no better way we could’ve celebrated a Launch than having the opportunity to see this happen before us.

Launch was a day of both celebration for what God has done and anticipation of what we expect him to do.  We said over and over again, “Launch is not a day of finality, but of beginning.” That’s exactly what we hoped launch would be: a day that would launch us into and energize us for the ministry God has for us in this city. We prayed specifically at launch that God would give us a big vision for multiplication. That he would grant us the opportunity to plant other churches that would one day get to do exactly what we did at launch. That he would give us success in reaching our neighbors withe Gospel. We can’t wait to see him answer our prayers!


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