What Launch is(and what it is not).

What Launch is(and what it is not).

This Sunday, Grace Harbor Church will have its launch. We’ve been trying to wrap our minds around all that “launch” means over the last couple of months and we think we are a little closer to figuring it out now than we were then. Is launch a grand opening? Is it a celebration? Is it a significant day? Yes. Launch is a little bit of each of those things, to an extent.

It’s a grand opening(of sorts) because one of the things we hope to accomplish is to see people encounter Jesus in this place. We want the ability to invite them here to experience things God has promised to us when gathering with His people.

It’s a celebration because we’ve seen God do some pretty cool things since we moved here and started meeting 15 months ago.

It’s a significant day because we have prayed that that this day would come; that God would allow us to see growth in our people and in our community.

But these aren’t really the things we’ve sweated over trying to figure out. As exciting as this day is, it reminds us that this day is significant for a whole set of other reasons. It reminds us that our work is just beginning here. It reminds us that we are being sent into a beautiful community full of people who are seeking joy in their life, and that we carry a message that can restore them.

Here are 3 facts about Grace Harbor Launch:

  1. We are not our community’s savior. Jesus is. Let me be transparent: I didn’t get this when I moved here. I believed that we had a message that our community had never heard. I believed Grace Harbor was going to show up to Northwest OKC and finally bring the message of good news to those who lived here. The truth is, we are not the savior. Jesus is. Along with that, we are not the beginning of Christ’s work here in this community. We are in a place surrounded by dozens of churches who have been a faithful Gospel presence for years and years. In fact, the building we gather in today is a building that was built(as a Presbyterian Church) and worshipped in by brothers and sisters for over three decades who faithfully preached the Gospel and ministered here since their beginning. We are where we are today because of friendships with churches in our own backyard.
  2. Launch is not an end, but a beginning. It’s easy at this point to sit back, let out a deep breath and say, “we’ve done it. We have arrived.” The building we gather in each week could not serve us better than it does in this season. It’s easy to see this building as an end that signifies that our work here is done and we can now tuck ourselves nicely here and wait for people to just show up. But our work here is not about this space, our work here is not about this one season we are in; our work here is about the daily call to be good neighbors, good missionaries, good friends, and good advocates for what is just in our city. Sunday isn’t merely about this place being an end, but a means. A means towards people being sent out from here to do this same thing in other parts of the city, state, and world. I have said to several people that this day isn’t only about celebrating what God has done, but anticipating what He will do. Launch is a commissioning. A commission for God’s people to live on God’s mission to reach God’s people. Each Sunday, we close our service not with “you are dismissed”, but “you are sent.” This Sunday will be no different.
  3. Launch is going to be a blast(no pun intended). Sure, they are calling for record breaking rainfall this weekend, but we aren’t going to allow that to stop us from celebrating, anticipating, and commissioning. We also have big plans for lunch, baptisms, baby commissioning, fun, and games.

Don’t get me wrong, we have faith that God wants to accomplish huge things through those who(and who will)comprise Grace Harbor Church. We believe he has called us to plant here to play a very distinct role in His kingdom. We couldn’t be more excited about what God is already doing through some of the relationships that have formed between Grace Harbor and a few local organizations. We are going to dig deep to serve and love them.

We also know that this isn’t the end for us, but just the beginning.

Want to join us for this big day? Click here.


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