The Big 3

The Big 3

Whether you are pastor, a basketball fan, or a TV junkie, you know how significant the number three can be.

For pastors(especially Baptists), three is like the magic number. Get your sermon to three points, and the room gets saved.

Basketball fans: Westbrook, PG13, Melo. Steph, Klay, KD(cupcake). MJ, Pippen, Rodman.

And of course there is everybody’s favorite “big 3” from the hit show “This is Us”: the Pearson’s. Kevin, Kate, and Randall.

In so many categories, our culture has this weird fascination with the number 3. There is something about it that feels complete.

This profound concept also doesn’t have a lot to do with my post today. I’m just good at chasing rabbits.

What I really want to do is share with you three big things going on right now at Grace Harbor Church. My desire in sharing this comes as a result of a couple different things. First of all, people are asking what’s going on. Secondly, we built up a lot of hype throughout the Summer and, in many ways since then, have been pretty low key and non-existent. The reason for this second point will be better understood with the context of some previous news I shared. Read that here: Where Grace Harbor is Going.

So what’s going on at Grace Harbor now?

We are Gathering. Each week at 5pm, our team is gathering to eat, study, and pray with and for one another. A vital part of the local church is the gathering of it. We passionately believe in the church in a universal sense. One that is, in many ways, not visible by a tangible expression but by the movement of the Holy Spirit among God’s people in their homes, jobs, and lives. But we also are convinced that the universal church is represented and best learned about and understood through the local church gathering and the proclamation of God’s Word, the Bible. Through the Holy Spirit, God reveals Himself to us powerfully through the testimony and presence of other people who have been changed. So, we gather. We gather joyfully to do these things together at a set time each week, and then sporadically as a growing community of friends throughout the week.

We are Growing. Our group of 10 that started just 6 weeks ago has now grown to 14. We are amazed and ecstatic about this growth for many reasons. First of all, because we prayed for it. At our first gathering on September 10, we casted a vision that by December 10, we desire to multiply the one group we have into an additional group. Another reason we are excited about this is actually wrapped up in the first reason I shared: we desire for the growth we experience in this season to be absolutely organic. This explains why our online presence and activity has been more scarce. Our hope in this season is that we will be intentional about meeting people(face-to-face), building relationships, sharing our faith, and seeing fruit and growth from those things. It also frees us up to trust God with growth and rejoice the much more when we see it! This has been really good for us. In more ways than I have time to share here. Through this, we are also growing as a team. We are discussing and addressing things that are painful at times, but are very beneficial for us. We are finding creative ways to share and further develop the vision we have for Grace Harbor and are having a blast!

We are Preparing. We are making the very most of this phase of planting a church. In fact, I would be totally willing to stay right here in this phase for a very long time. I never thought I would say that or feel that way, but it is true. But I also know it’s not where we will always be. We are constantly preparing our group for the days when change happens. We have already experienced some of those days. As comfortable and as much fun as we are having, we have to constantly be mindful that God is doing more things in and around us than we could ever recognize. The reason why we prepare is because we know that God is faithful and will save those around us who are lost. As we continue to share good news with our lost neighbors, He will save them! We desire to be place where people can step into and grow. We are talking to and preparing our group for what our vision boils down to: multiplication of disciples, multiplication of groups, and multiplication of churches.

Thanks for praying for us and with us!


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