Where Grace Harbor is Going

Where Grace Harbor is Going

Through all of this we have learned something extremely vital and important: God will most often do his work of speaking and intervening through people around us. So, God didn’t just randomly swoop in and preserve Grace Harbor (rather than using the word “save” from now on, we will use the word “preserve”), He used some other leaders in our community to communicate wisdom with us.

I am a networking addict. I will go out of the way to get in other people’s way to connect with them. It has never been difficult or awkward for me to reach out to someone and meet them. I am not an introvert and take full advantage of the way God has wired me. So after connecting with some area Acts 29 Network guys as well as valuable regular meetings with our BMAA National Director, the Lord really had given us an opportunity to listen, learn, and act upon the way we were feeling about the vision and direction of Grace Harbor. As their tireless work indicates, these men are all passionate about the things we are passionate about: making disciples and multiplying churches.

So, about Grace Harbor…

Our timeline that was constructed 9 months ago currently has us just 4 days away from our first public gathering. I have extremely mixed emotions about that. The most prominent emotion being a tinge of trauma. My wife and I have had conversations over the last few weeks along the lines of “whew, can you imagine if we were gearing up for that?” Whether it’s her or me asking that question, the recipient of the question normally just gives this blank stare. When I give the stare, I see explosions and complete chaos.

Instead, what we have planned for this coming Sunday is much more low-key and fitting for us in this phase. And honestly, we are craving it. We currently have about 10 people who have bought in to being part of this with us and have agreed on kicking things off this way.

From September 10- December 10, we will gather weekly in my home to develop our team, welcome in new friends and neighbors, study the Bible, sing, pray, eat, and do life with one another! All of the things. We will take two weeks of each month to walk through a study that will simply help us develop some common language in regards to the Gospel and the other two weeks will simply be spent in fellowship and the communication of our mission for Grace Harbor Church and Oklahoma City.

The more we think about this, the more we become convinced that every human being longs for this very thing: community. We have committed ourselves to being the kind of church our culture needs. It’s not a model that will see exponential numerical growth in the near future, but we are committed to forming community on the foundation of the Gospel.

So what will happen after December 10? Well, we will spend time over these next 12 Sunday evenings praying about the opportunity to multiply the one group we have into more groups. Now and in this 12 weeks, we are building relationships and sharing the Gospel with neighbors. We will invite them into this community with us. We are also asking for others we know to pray about being part of this with us. Maybe God is calling you to transfer the job you have to OKC. Whoa, that’s bold! Maybe God is putting in you this desire to be part of something like this. We would love to talk with you.

We are also being very intentional and unapologetic about steering people away from this if it’s not where they are supposed to be. For those involved with this, we are asking for a high-level of commitment.

We have been passionate about Psalm 37:4 and what we believe that means for the people of God. If you have committed and entrusted your life to Him and you desire to be part of something like this, do it! We do value and prioritize prayer and would suggest you do the same, but God gives good things to those who trust in Him. One of those things is this: if you delight yourself in Him, the desires that are in your heart are placed there by Him.

God has shown us so much about what He wants for us as a church. We not only trust Him with it, we couldn’t be more excited about it! There are many ways for you to play a vital role in the life of Grace Harbor. Pray for us as we gather for the first time this Sunday. If you’d like to grab some coffee or tacos and hear more about Grace Harbor give us your name and email.

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