Our team has been given the incredible opportunity to act in fulfilling one of the greatest promises given by Jesus during his earthly ministry. That promise is this: “I will build my church, and the gates of hell will not prevail against it.” When Jesus promised this, this was a claim to his sovereign power over the earth- over darkness, over sin, over anything that could posture itself against God’s design.

Jesus also had something else in mind: his people. The Church.

All of scripture is painted with the presence of God’s people in the midst of darkness, standing in their God-given ability through the power and presence of the Holy Spirit to be the very agents that fulfill His plans for the redemption of humanity. I recently heard Sam Storms say, “The Church doesn’t embrace an escapist theology, but an endurance theology.” Simply stated, the presence of darkness in the world serves as an opportunity for the believer to be light.

We have not been given the opportunity to be part of something temporal, but eternal. Not only is what we are doing good news for ALL of humanity, it is good news for me and it is good news for you. It is not merely good news for me and for you on a general level, but it speaks directly to the exact situation you find yourself in today. The Gospel hits home.

That’s good news.

Today’s post will be the first part of a 5 part series of posts that expands on each of the points in the Grace Harbor Church Mission Statement. The statement reads like this:

Grace Harbor Church exists to share the transforming love and power of Jesus with our city. We seek to be great neighbors, develop life-changing relationships, and live in a life-giving way.

Enveloped in these couple of sentences is the life-blood of Grace Harbor Church. From a practical perspective, all that we desire is boiled down in sharing the love of Jesus that is able and available to transform lives, being great neighbors, developing life-changing relationships, and living our lives in a way that is life-giving. We not only desire to understand and embrace these things for ourselves, but desire to share the invitation to live a new life with those in our city.

We want to take the opportunity to dissect each of these points and share with you the specific and practical implications this statement has among our team, our church, and our city.

This series of posts will roll out over the next four days, and I could not be more eager and excited to share them with you. Don’t miss it!



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